We can get news faster, more interactive, and more personalized with the Internet. Traditional media companies such as television companies and newspaper companies are facing this digital wave.

When we want to know news from the Internet, we have to access news sites such as New York Times, BBC, and Yahoo News. We can select some news based on our interest with interactivity of the Internet, we have to do some action. News Aggregation Services can reduces our actions of selecting news based on our preferences.

We can select some news from the Internet based on our interest

However, traditional TV programs and Radio programs provide us passive news delivery experience, that is, we can hear and watch news while doing something. It is suitable for us to check news in the morning with brushing of teeth or eating breakfast. But media companies edit these broadcasting news, we have to hear some news without our interest.

We can hear and watch news while doing something

news.async combines these two merits of the Internet and traditional media for delivery of news. You can watch news passively with your preference. You can select your favorite topics on a head and watch news like traditional TV / Radio programs.